The old Joshua Kennedy House is finally getting a new lease on life after something like 30 years. This Greek Revival and Italianate home was built in 1857, and must have cut quite an impressive figure at the corner of Government and Dearborn with it’s stately Greek columns and arched Italianate windows, and it is unique in Mobile because of those two features. But somewhere the building must have fallen on hard times. After World War II it became an American Legion Post, when presumably the concrete block addition was built and I’m sure lots of daces, picnics, and other events were held there. It was finally boarded up in the 90s, and was still that way when my insurance agent moved in next door. Word on the street is that it was purchased by the Mystics of Time, one of Mobile’s 30+ mystic societies that put on parades. (If you’ve seen the fire-breathing dragon float Vernadean then you know the MOT parade. ) I wouldn’t be surprised to see some tuxedoed ball-goers in that grand old building in the next couple of years.

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