Why do New Orleans writers tend to leave the rest of the Gulf Coast out of their histories?

In her article Bienville’s Tattoos, Sally Asher discusses the French explorer and badass, explaining some interesting points but leaving out important facts about the Frenchman’s exploits before serving as French governor in New Orleans. Here are a few facts that might surprise our neighbors over in NOLA:

  • Bienville actually got his tattoos in Mobile, Alabama where he submitted himself to ritual body tattooing by the Mauvilla tribe. This article by Sally Pearsall Ericson explains the facts around Beinville’s tattoos.
  • Bienville had already founded two capitals before starting New Orleans in 1718. The first capital was at Mobile in 1702, and the second at Biloxi in 1720.
  • Beinville Square in Mobile is named after him, and was created by Act of Congress in 1824.

New Orleans should remember that its founding father did have snake tattoos, but he got them in Mobile!

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