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Walking tours are a fun and healthy way to explore our city. We occasionally get questions from our customers about our tours, so we tried o list the most common questions here, along with helpful answers.

We walk 1-1.5 miles at a relaxed pace. If you stroll around for a couple of hours you will cover the same distance. 

We dress for the weather and find that solves most problems. On the off chance that we do cancel because of weather, guests will receive a refund.  

It’s very easy. Once you are on the Secret History Tours website, scroll down the home page to choose your tour. Click on the tickets link, complete a simple form, and pay with a credit card or Paypal. 

Each tour has a designated meetup location. You may meet at a park, in a hotel lobby, or in a cafe. Check your email for details. 

We need online reservations to create our guest list, so unfortunately we can’t accept cash. 

Our guides work hard to create and interesting an informative tour experience. Tips for good service are appreciated!

You’re confirmation email is all you need. Your guide may ask to see that email, so keep it handy when you meet the guide. 

Yes! Our gift certificates are an easy and fun way to share the walking tour experience with family and friends. Recipients get an email with a button that takes them straight to the booking page to choose a tour. 

Absolutely! We enjoy creating engaging experiences for visitors to our hometown, including conferences, social groups, and weddings.

Do you still have a Question? Contact us below.