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    Speakeasy Cocktail Tour at Lupercalia Arts Gallery

  • OCTOBER 31

    Dark Secrets with costumed characters at the Malaga Inn


    Blue and Gray Tour at Mardi Gras Park


    Automotive Alley Tour at The Cheese Cottage


    Dark Secrets Tour Tour at Iron Hand Brewing


    Dark Secrets Tour at the Malaga Inn

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  • Speakeasy Cocktail Tour

    In the 1920s, while America was banning alcohol, but here in Mobile we just kept right on drinking beer, wine, and spirits. We are the birth place of Mardi Gras, founded by French Catholics, and we are all about celebrating. This $55 downtown tour includes 3 drinks and a moonshine shot as we talk about bootleggers, moonshine, and the federal raid that brought the party to a halt.

    Dark Secrets De Tonti

    This Friday night tour starts at Iron Hand Brewing and takes guests through the historic De Tonti Square. This slightly spooky tour includes ghost stories, drama, and disease. Eew!

    Todd did a fantastic job. He knew a lot of very interesting facts and kept it fun. I am a lifelong resident of Mobile and learned a lot. Visitors to Mobile will love it.
    Ricky D. Bradford
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