Bring Your Camera Walking Tour 1.5 Hours Historically Accurate

A Pub Crawl with a Local Expert

Join our local expert guide for a tasting tour of three downtown breweries: Iron Hand, Braided River, and Old Majestic. At each stop guests will get two 4 oz taster glasses of beers specially selected to show off a variety of beer types. Come see the brewing process from grain to tap. This tour is a great way to learn more about the rich history and variety of brewing. 

In 1880 there were 2800 American Breweries, producing a wide variety of lagers, ales, stouts, and more. By the late-20th century the industry had dwindled to a handful of breweries as corporate take-overs turned Americans into light-beer-slurping minions. But today’s microbreweries are producing a wide array of pilsners, ales, IPAs, and more!  Mobile’s unique microbreweries welcome our guests to sample the brews and get a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process.

  • The tour begins inside Iron Hand Brewing at 206 State Street.
  • Breweries pre-select their best varieties to offer as samples.
  • Yes, guests can order an extra in a “walking cup!” 

Tour Starts at Iron Hand Brewing

Smart Phone Friendly

Bring your smart phone for videos and pics!

Short Walk From Hotels

The tour is a short walk from most downtown hotels.

Tour Starts Indoors

Come on inside before the tours starts!

Weather-Proof Guarantee

We reschedule or refund any tour cancelled for weather.

Guest Reviews
"Todd's fun and knows how to tell a good story! It's a great idea for Mobile, and a great way to learn all the local charm, whether you are visiting or you live here. He knows lots of quirky details from the past."
Kat Cline
"Fantastic tour tonight. Plan on going back during the day to see the places in the daylight and would recommend the tour to anyone. Also plan on catching their other tours. Well worth it and learned some more facts about Mobile."
Betsy Mabee
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